Experiential Wayfinding Solutions Begin With A Sign Audit

Need solutions to complex wayfinding issues in your healthcare facility?
Signage issues affecting your bottom line?
Concerned about where to begin or the cost of a wayfinding study/program?

With over 50 years of combined wayfinding experience, we can help with a Wayfinding Audit of your facility. Our process includes the following:

  • Site evaluation

  • Identify key destinations

  • Analyze traffic patterns

  • Assessment of signage for readability, terminology, placement, etc.

  • Observation of environmental factors such as lighting, flooring changes, etc.

  • Recommendations for improved wayfinding cues for signage and beyond

  • Provide budget estimates

Findings from our comprehensive audit are detailed in an evidence based action plan articulating our wayfinding methodology and strategies to improve navigating your facility. This documentation will be the ideal road map in strategically deciding how to pursue experiential wayfinding.

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Universal Symbols in Health Care

With a diverse population that speaks many different languages and has varying levels of literacy, today’s healthcare executives and facility managers are challenged with providing signage that all patients and visitors can understand.

A study produced by Hablamos Juntos and the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) with funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has shown that symbols are an effective means of communication. Through their extensive research, design, testing and analysis, a unified set of health care symbols has been developed that can be integrated into wayfinding signage.  O'Connor Sign Planning & Design offers this innovative best practice tool as a solution to making complex health care environments easier to navigate.

O'Connor Sign Planning & Design has implemented universal health care symbols into several wayfinding signage systems for Wisconsin hospitals leading the way by adopting this approach to improve the wayfinding experience for the diverse communities they serve.